Vision and MissionMandate and FunctionFunction
Sustainable fisheries and aquatic Resources that support globally competitive fisheries industries and self-reliant fisheries communities, and contribute to food security and poverty alleviation.
A modernized fisheries that is technology advanced and globally competitive, its transformation is guided by sound management practice of resource sustainability, the principle of social justice and strong private sector participation.

On Food Security:

  • Prepare and implement a comprehensive Regional Fisheries Industry Development Plan;
  • Formulate and implement a Comprehensive Fishery Research and Development Program;
  • Coordinate efforts relating to fishery production undertake by the primary fishery producers, LGUs, FARMCs, and fishery organizations/cooperatives;
  • Coordinate with LGUs and other concerned agencies for the establishment of productivity enhancing and market development programs in fishing communities;
  • Perform such other related functions which shall promote the development, conservation, management, protection and utilization of fisheries and aquatic resources.

On Conservation and Management:

  • Issue licenses for the operation of commercial fishing vessels;
  • Set prescribe fees and other fishery charges and issue the corresponding license or permit;
  • Establish a corps of specialist in collaboration with LGUs and other concerned agencies for the efficient monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities;
  • Enforce all laws, formulate and enforce all rules and regulations governing the conservation and management of fishery resources, except in municipal waters, and to settle conflicts of resource use and allocation in consultation with the LGUs and FARMCs;

On Global Competitiveness:

  • Advise and coordinate with LGUs on the maintenance proper sanitation and hygienic practices in fish markets and fish landing areas;
  • Implement an inspection system for import and export of fishery/aquatic products and fish processing establishments consistent with national standards to ensure product quality and safety;
  • Develop value-added fishery products for domestic consumption and export.

On Support Services:

  • Establish and maintain a Comprehensive Fishery Information System
  • Provide extensive development support services in all aspects of fisheries production, processing and marketing;
  • Assists LGU’s in developing their technical capability in the development, management, regulation, conservation and protection of the fishery resources.

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