MAFAR-AFMS personnel undergo seminar on Government Expenditures

Some 33 personnel of Administrative and Finance Management Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform have undergone a seminar on Laws and Rules on Government Expenditures on August 9-12.

The Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB) Mr. Sahood I. Esmael facilitated the activity at Bihing Tahik, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, together with the guest speaker from Commission on Audit (COA) – Lanao, Ms. Baelanie R. Patorai, CPA, State Auditor II, Audit Team Leader; Ms. Princess Raizah M. Calandada, CPA, State Auditor III, Audit Team Leader; Ms. Aisah Janezah D. Abdulgafur, CPA, State Auditor I, Audit Team Member; Ms. Ommelkhair M. Ditucalan, Training Specialist I.

MAFAR Tawi-Tawi Provincial Director Aidarus I. Nami, Ed.D. said, “This is an important event because this will help on the professional development and competence enhancement of the MAFAR employees to be of service to the Bangsamoro community.

During the training proper, the topics discussed by the COA speakers were; Introduction to Laws and Rules of Government Expenditures, Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and Financial Expenses, Professional Services, and Capital Outlay.

Moreover, Director II of Administrative and Finance Management Services, Ms. Julie O. Maliga, RN, MPASR, extended her gratitude to the guest speakers from COA-Lanao and Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB) and the active participation of the MAFAR employees.

She emphasized the importance of a Seminar on Laws and Rules on Government Expenditures to discern the technical know-how of processes profoundly as far as financial matter is concerned.

“We are here to acquire knowledge and share them with others. We now have more knowledge, and the more knowledge we have, the greater responsibility we partake,” Director Maliga added.