MAFAR facilitates market linkage of freshwater shrimp to Tawi-Tawi

COTABATO CITY – Through the MAFAR Local Exchange and Network of Goods in any Kind of Emergency (MAFARLENGKE) Express project, the ministry had facilitated the market linkage of freshwater shrimp from Cotabato City to the Province of Tawi-Tawi. Jul A. Karim of Cotabato City had shipped 100 kilograms of freshwater shrimp to Omar C. Arasad, proprietor of OMS Enterprises based in Tawi-Tawi.

The activity is the result of the previously conducted business matching in MSU Tawi-Tawi whereas the supplier of shrimp was invited by the MAFAR Regional office and the buyer was invited by MAFAR provincial office of Tawi-Tawi.

This MAFARLENGKE project aims to establish a direct link between and among the farmers, fisherfolk, agrarian reform beneficiaries, and the consuming public.

The program also seeks to ensure that food commodities are made available and accessible in areas where they are most needed, encourage private sector participation, and improve farmers’ cooperatives, so that they will all be active drivers of the food supply distribution system in the Bangsamoro.