MAFAR holds coordination meeting with DAR XII

The Department of Agrarian Reform Region XII and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform held their coordination meeting at Koronadal, South Cotabato, to strengthen the provision of interventions within the SGA areas and Cotabato City.

On September 21, Bangsamoro Director General for Agrarian Reform Services led the activity together with the Regional Director Mariannie Lauban- Baunto of Agrarian Reform Region XII.

The meeting aims to clarify and update the needed documentation under the 63 barangays of the Special Geographic Area of Bangsamoro and Cotabato City.

During the official turned-over of documents last February 2020 between DAR XII and MAFAR, the agrarian officers encountered difficulty implementing the programs since partial data was turned over and those pertaining to Cotabato City and Operational Tool System (OpTool) only.

MAFAR faces poor targetting and provision of interventions along these areas; both Agency agreed to a plan to conduct coordination and data reconciliation/updating meeting with DAR XII Regional Management for both Land Tenure Improvement and Support Services for completeness of data as to SGAs and Cotabato City.

In addition, the result of the meeting is the turned-over of 803 CLOAs that were already registered at ROD. The group agreed to validate these titles before distribution which is targeted in November this year.