MAFAR led Farmers Field Day for Preferential Analysis of different varieties under the NEXTGEN Project

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform of the BARMM Region thru the Research Development and Extension Services has conducted Farmers Field Day for Regional Preferential Analysis of Participatory Performance Testing and Validation Technology Demonstration trial under NEXTGEN Project.

On December 29, 2022, at Barangay P. Labio, Northern Kabuntalan, Maguindanao del Norte. Around 13 varieties, eight from irrigated and five from special purpose were used as sampling methods planted in a 1,000 square meters demo farm.

The varieties demonstrated among the Special purpose category were NSIC Rc344, NSIC Rc402, NSIC Rc342, NSIC Rc218, and NSIC Rc128. And from Irrigated Inbred category were NSIC Rc506, NSIC Rc508, NSIC Rc402, NSIC Rc514, NSIC Rc222, NSIC Rc510, NSIC Rc582, and NSIC Rc512.

Tong A. Abas, Director II for Research Development and Extension Services, emphasized the activity’s objective and said, “This is the extension activity of the Research mainly, our purpose is to showcase the different varieties that might be applicable in our area.

This also shows our farmers the possible variety to be adapted and suited in our province and the region.” Dir. Abas emphasized.

Director II for Agriculture Engr. Ismail A. Guiamel, on behalf of MAFAR Minister Mohammad S. Yacob, Ph. D, said, “This demonstration of the different varieties is very important to us because this will serve as our basis in procuring seeds for our distribution among our partner farmers.”

“Determining the best variety means helping you increase your production and income in general,” he added.

He also encourages farmers to adapt and practice the modern technology being introduced to them.

Furthermore, Municipal Population Officer Princess Hashima Abpi, representing Municipal Mayor Hon. Datu Umbra “Ramil” B. Dilangalen expressed their full support to their farmers, “On behalf of the LGU Northern Kabuntalan, we are happy and blessed that our farmers and our town were chosen as one of the demonstration sites for this kind of activity and opportunity.”

Featured in the said activity were the Field Viewing, Voting, and Selection for Preferential Analysis. Based on the results, the NSIC Rc128 got the Top 1 in the Special Purpose category, and NSIC Rc514 was Topped in the Inbred category.

The activity was also witnessed by other key officials, including Center Manager Abdul Nassef S. Ulong, NextGen Focal Person Elvie Betonio, MMO Boharie M. Maulana, Research Associates, and other key officials and staff from the ministry and LGU.