MAFAR personnel complete 15 days of Fish Examination Training

COTABATO CITY- Some 16 Sixteen (16) technical personnel composed of Fishery Law Enforcement and Researchers from the Regional and provincial offices has completed the 15 days training on fish examination.

OIC Chief Norhata S. Dumasil, RFT, spearheaded the activity of the Fishery Regulatory Law Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform on July 12-26, 2022, at CNX Bldg. 3, Notre Dame Village.

The activity has three aspects Legal, Biological, and Technical. It aims to train newly hired frontline Fishery law enforcement officers who are tasked to conduct a scientific examination or on-site external and internal analysis of specimens in order to pinpoint indications of blast fishing and further induced clinical signs/symptoms on fish samples, thereby their presence in court proceedings are needed especially on cases involving blast fishing.

In his message, BDG for Fisheries Services, Pendatun S. Patarasa, said that this training would benefit not only the FRLED but also other divisions in the Fisheries Services by an integrated and convergence approach where each has a contributing factor in sustaining the Bangsamoro government being on top of the fisheries producing6  region. Further, he especially mentioned the presence and help of the Integrated Laboratory participants.

Series of courses to further make the participants well equipped are the following: Stuationer and Status of Interventions of LGU on Law Enforcement by Resource Speaker OIC, MCSS Jamil Umpara; Status of Fisheries Resource based on Landing Centers monitored under NSAP by Senior Aquaculturist Honeylou Marcelo, Legal Aspect by Legal Officer Aiyen Bondoc like prohibited Acts under RA 8550 as amended by RA 10654 followed by relevant topics under it; Biological Aspect like Basic Fish Anatomy and Taxonomy by Resource Speaker Senior Research Specialist Arlyn Abdulla; Fish Identification by RS Sr. Aquaculturist Norodin Kid; The Role of Fish Examiner in Fisheries Law Enforcement by RS Andrew Abello, FIRO II, BFAR XII, Value Enhancement, Technical Aspect (Scientific Examination of Fish Caught by Means of Explosives by RS Rogelio Gocotano, FIRO I, BFAR XI and Market Denial.