MAFAR, PNP Maritime Group intensify registration on CFVG in Basilan

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform, together with the PNP Maritime Group, conducted a coordination meeting and registration of unlicensed commercial fishing boats operating in Maluso waters on February 12.

Spearheaded by Fisheries Basilan Chief Abdurasul Sarail and PMajor Geobani Calle at Upper PortHollad, Maluso Station. PMajor Calle committed to helping and supporting MAFAR on their mandates and, right away, scheduled an onboard operation to apprehend the said vessels.

The regional Licensing team headed by Ms. Bambai Lumpingan and her team was requested to conduct the registration with Provincial Licensing head Ms. Ann Marie Batapa.

The two day-activity were held at PNP Maritime Station and registered 15 Ring Net “Kulibo,” 14 fish worker IDs, and owner/operators register their boat and gear.