BASILAN – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform – Basilan continues its commitment to supporting local fisherfolk through the recent distribution of essential fisheries inputs in the municipalities of Hadji Muhtamad and Albarka.

On December 26, the ministry distributed 50 sets of Seaweed Floating Monoline (SFI) and four bags of aqua feed to seaweed growers in Barangay Dasalan, Hadji Muhtamad.

The initiative continued on December 27, with the Apil-Apil Fishermen Cooperative receiving 17 sets of Seaweeds Floating Monoline (SFI), and 60 bags of aqua feeds were allocated to Tilapia and Trevally growers in Albarka.

These fisheries inputs aim to enhance the sustainable production of fishery products, with a particular focus on increasing the production of tilapia, trevally, and seaweeds in the Bangsamoro Region.

The distribution events were witnessed by Barangay officials, Hadji Muhtamad Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO) Alvin Hasaan, MAFAR Municipal Officer Safrija Sali, and MAFAR Municipal Officer of Albarka Saad Usman.