February 26, 2021

Theme: “Sa RPAN: Maging Malusog, Matalino at Matatag ang Batang Moro.”

Greeetings: A’udhu billahi minashaitanir rajeem, Bismillahi rahmanirrahim Alhamdulillahirabbil a’lamin, wa bihi nasta’in, a’la umuriddunya waddin. Wassalatuwassalamu ‘ala asyrafil anbiyai wal mursalin, wa ‘ala alihi wasahbihhi ajma’in.
Recognition of officials and guests:

Today, as the BARMM launches the Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition (RPAN) is an indication that we are indeed putting everything in the right context and that this government is truly sincere in addressing nutrition in the region.

Based on the National Nutrition Survey Result in 2015, children in the region continuous to suffer from chronic malnutrition with 45.2% rate (FNRI 2015). Among the nutrition problems that need to address are the high levels of stunting with 44.9%. What does this mean to all of us; it simply means that we are “Food Insecure”. With the RPAN we now have the roadmap and guiding principles in the development of the nutritional status of this region which we in the MAFAR is working in convergence with the lead agency to continue addressing malnutrition all over the region.

In October of 2020, the BARMM launched the 1st of its kind Food Security and Nutrition Roadmap which is a product of a one-year collaboration between the BARMM’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform (MAFAR), BPDA, the World Food Program and Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Our gratitude to the partner agencies.

This 10 year FSN Roadmap envisions for a “A self-reliant, food secure and resilient Bangsamoro” ensuring that every Bangsamoro (men, women, children, PWD and elderly) that food is accessible, available, utilized and stable, which is anchored in the three (3) Pillars of Food Security such as; “Sustainable, competitive and accessible food supply chain for Bangsamoro”; “Balanced intake of halal food”; and “Adaptive capacity of Bangsamoro communities”.

In support to the promotion of nutrition in the region, the MAFAR as Ministry, is;
• Actively participating in the inter-agency program in the backyard and school gardening and provide vegetable seeds, basic farming tools and technical know-how;
• Advocate and promote using quad media and interpersonal in promoting healthy lifestyle of the Bangsamoro families especially their children to eat vegetables and its by-products start from home to the school (canteen);
• Actively participate in the conduct of the inter-agency Nutrition Month Celebration every month of July of every year, featuring feeding program, cooking contest, draw and tell, singing contest etc.
• Actively participate in the Family Week Celebration and outreach activities which spearheaded the conduct of poster making contest for the children enrolled in primary and elementary school both private and public (6-12 years old) every September and October in line with the World Food day celebration, among others.

As Minister of the MAFAR, I am excited to see and fully support the operative implementation of this Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition in a harmonize and systematic approach so that our Bangsamoro children and our future leader will become “Maging Malusog, Matalino at Matatag ang Batang Moro.”
Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.