As the decades-long conflict for land ownership in Barangay Pandan, South Upi, was finally put to an end by the MAFAR in collaboration with the LGU, bulks of assistance start to come in for the farmers.

In fulfillment of MAFAR’s commitment, through Minister Dr Mohammad S. Yacob, to the farmers who are Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) from the village , 100 bags of hybrid corn seeds and 100 bags of urea fertilizers were turned over to the LGU with the presence of the respective farmer- leaders today, October 6, 2020.

The farm inputs were handed over by Abdul Nasseef S. Ulong, OIC-Chief for Agricultural Services with Akmad A. Abdullah, Corn and Cassava Focal Person, and received by Hon. Mayor Reynalbert “Obet” Insular, who will facilitate the safe and effective distribution to the farmers as per protocol in the ground.

Abdullah said a unit of corn sheller shall also be delivered to the area for the farmer ARBs.

According to Jordan M. Pendong, MAFAR Assistant Chief for Agrarian Reform Services, the land conflict started in 1991 amongst people in Sitio Pomogoyon (led by Ustadz Maguid), Bahar (led by Commander Ligaya), and Popo (led by Betita).

The unpeaceful situation was ended by the ‘land dispute reconciliation’ that was conducted by the MAFAR on August 15, 2020 that paved the way for fear and armed battle to stop and agricultural development to start with interventions from the ministry.

The activity was also attended and facilitated by Seeham S. Pangol, MAFAR Municipal Officer (MMO), Nora Ipong, Agrarian Reform Focal Person of the LGU, and MAFAR Program Assistants Armanzor S. Sagandingan and Engr. Fahmi U. Acob.