In a move aimed at bolstering the fishing industry and enhancing post-harvest practices, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform (MAFAR) recently distributed fishery post-harvest equipment to fisherfolk in the provinces of Basilan and Sulu.

On December 22, cooperative groups and associations in Basilan, including the Kapagu Fishing Association, were presented with five (5) units of Radio Transceiver. Additionally, the Basilan Ulama Council received 30 units of mechanical hanging scales and five (5) units of Radio transceivers. The Bangsamoro Agri-Marine Agriculture Cooperative also granted ten (10) mechanical hanging scales and five (5) units of Radio Transceiver.

Moving on to Sulu on December 24, various cooperative groups and associations benefited from the distribution. The Tumagas Multi-Purpose Cooperative received 30 units of gallons, five (5) units of Radio Transceiver, and 30 mechanical hanging scales. The Tabumanok Fishermen Cooperative was allocated ten (10) units of mechanical hanging scales and six (6) units of Radio Transceiver.

While the Kabuhayan Fishermen received ten (10) units of mechanical hanging scales, and the Subpangan Multi-Purpose Cooperative obtained 13 units of mechanical hanging scales, ten (10) units of Radio transceivers, and 80 units of gallons.

This equipment allocation, funded under the Bangsamoro Special Development Fund, aims to uplift the region’s fishing communities. The objective is to provide the fisherfolk with the necessary tools and technology to enhance their post-harvest processes, ensuring efficiency and productivity in their operations.

The recipients expressed gratitude for the support extended by MAFAR-SDF, acknowledging the positive impact these equipment allocations will have on their livelihoods.

This initiative is seen as a significant step towards modernizing the fishing sector, promoting sustainable practices, and ultimately improving the economic well-being of the fisherfolk in the community.