MAFAR-PRDP conducts simultaneous monitoring of I-BUILD Other Infra Subprojects

To ensure efficient progress, quality control, and timely completion of the project, the Regional Project Coordination Office BARMM conducted a simultaneous monitoring on the ongoing PRDP I-BUILD Other Infra Subprojects in the Province of Taw-Tawi on July 27-31, 2023.

Led by Engr. Michael K. Anggol, Regional Project Coordination Office BARMM I-BUILD Specialist in coordination with GGU Officer Suharto H. Dalig and the Municipal Engineers, the subprojects have witnessed varying degrees of progress as of July 31, 2023.

In the Municipality of Tandubas, five other-infra including Construction of Kepeng Fish Landing with Concrete Footbridge have 61.91% completion, Construction of Sallangan Potable Water Supply Level II, have 80.01% completion, Construction of Tapian Sokah Concrete Footbridge, have 60.30% completion, Construction of Tongbangkaw Fish Landing, have 77.46% completion, and Construction of Kepeng Warehouse with Solar Dryer, have 93.77% completion.

Meanwhile, in the Municipality of South Ubian, two other-infra project including Construction of Dampong Fish Landing, have 40.63% completion and Construction of Tampakan Dampong Warehouse with Solar Dryer, have 42.22% completion.

These projects were funded by the World Bank Second Additional Financing with EU Co-Financing Grant, aims to uplift livelihood of the local communities by enhancing crucial infrastructure.

To maintain a seamless workflow and uphold the PRDP standards, the MLGU and the contracting entities were presented with a site instruction paper. This instruction paper aimed to guide the remaining construction tasks and ensure alignment with the RPCO’s observations and recommendations.