The MAFAR-PRDP Regional Project Coordination BARMM conducted an orientation on the PRDP Scale-Up for the province of Lanao del Sur held at Chali Beach Resort and Conference Center, Cagayan De Oro.

On September 6, RPCO-BARMM Deputy Project Director Ammal D. Solaiman, JD, urged the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators (MPDC) to take the opportunity to avail of the PRDP Projects.

“After this orientation, I hope we can be united to avail of the project and utilize it for the development of our province, as well as to help our community increase Agri-fishery development, specifically here in Lanao del Sur.”

During the orientation, various components of the PRDP were presented, along with information on how to access projects specifically for the Intensified Building Up of Infrastructure and Logistics for Development (I-BUILD) subprojects and Investments for Rural Enterprises and Agricultural and Fisheries Productivity (I-REAP) subprojects.

An open forum was also held during the activity, where each MPDC expressed their willingness and excitement to avail of the PRDP Scale-Up projects under the Infrastructure Development (I-BUILD) subproject, which can significantly contribute to the development of rural communities in their respective municipalities.

Furthermore, the Local Planners’ League of Lanao Del Sur, headed by Johaena A. Marcom, MPDC-Marantao, also expressed their commitment to strengthening support for each group of farmers and fisherfolks to be more cooperative and access projects under the Enterprise Development (I-REAP) Subproject.