MAFAR’s Provincial Consultation Concludes in Tawi-Tawi


Tawi-Tawi, with islands bursa escort below the wind and the province that used to be part of the Sulu Archipelago, became the last stop of the team from MAFAR-BARMM for the provincial strategic consultation cum site visitation.

Participated by more than a hundred employees of the merged provincial offices of agriculture, fisheries, and agrarian reform, the activity bostancı escort was conducted on the night of September 15, 2019 at Rachel’s Hotel and Restaurant in Bongao. Minister Mohammad S. Yacob said the consultation aimed to know and understand the status of the employees and their respective offices in the province and to directly inform them of the directions, thrusts and priority programs of the ministry.

The interactive assembly has made it possible for the disconcerted workforces to be clarified with the issues and concerns that beset them especially on the phasing out plan in most of the ministries in the Bangsamoro Region. Some of their major başakşehir escort concerns were the schedule of the approval and release of the new MAFAR structure and plantilla positions, so with the massive re-application and the duration of availing the separation package.
Responding to their queries, Minister Yacob said the new structure is to be released tentatively this October. If it doesn’t push through until the end of the years, a skeletal staff shall be created in order not to impede the indispensable operations of the ministry, according to him.
The MAFAR chief urged the group to prepare and strengthen their application documents especially their curriculum vitae if they decide tuzla escort to re-apply. He announced that there will be more or less 3000 new positions in the new structure that is almost 50 percent more than the total number of positions under then DA, BFAR, and DAR of the defunct ARMM. The team also had a courtesy meeting with Provincial Governor Yshmael I. Sali, Vice Governor Michail K. Ahaja, and some of the board members at the Provincial Capitol the morning of August 16, 2019. The parties were resolved to collaborate in addressing the challenges in the agriculture, fisheries, and agrarian reform sectors.
Visits to the provincial offices, greenhouse, guesthouse, and hatchery were also done through which, the team, headed by Minister Yacob, was able to meet, greet, and talk to the ministry’s employees and assess the status of the infrastructures. The entire consultation became successful with the effective facilitations of the MAFAR provincial staff headed by Provincial Agricultural Officer Dr Sahajim H. Hassan, Provincial Fishery Officer Faizal A. Nahul, and Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer Hambre J. Mohammad.