Pre-con conference for I-BUILD SPs set stage for successful implementation in LDS

CAGAYAN DE ORO – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform-Philippine Rural Development Project (MAFAR-PRDP) conducted a Pre-construction conference for the I-BUILD subprojects, to be implemented in the Municipalities of Lumba-Bayabao and Lumbayanague, Lanao del Sur.

On April 26-27, RPCO-BARMM headed by Deputy Project Director Ammal D. Solaiman, PSO Mindanao team spearheaded by I-BUILD Component Head Engr. Maria Fe Gabonales, MAFAR Lanao del Sur, MLGU Lumba-Bayabao, Lumbayanague, and the Contractors convened to discuss the PRDP I-BUILD roles and guidelines for the implementation of the subproject.

In her opening remarks, RPCO-BARMM I-BUILD Component Head Engr. Ashnairah A. Abdullah emphasized the importance of the activity.”This Pre-con conference is the crucial part of our project implementation; it is very important to carry out to discuss what we need to know before the construction begins and identify the possible problems that may come up while implementing the Project, Engr. Abdullah said.”DPD Solaiman also reiterated that the activity is a venue to level off with all stakeholders involved from the Province down to the Barangays the PRDP guidelines in subprojects implementations.

“To ensure the success of the project, we need to discuss and address all issues and concerns relative to the implementation of the projects,” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, during the Pre-con the LGU and the contractors also oriented on the Social Environmental Safeguard, Applied Geotagging Tool, Administrative and Financial Matters, and the Infrastructure Quality Monitoring and Durability System (IQMDS).

The pre-con conference has set the stage for the successful implementation of various infrastructure projects in the province of LDS. The Concreting of 3.03km Farm-to-Market Road will benefit the farmers and residents of Brgy. Barit and Brgy. Carandangan Municipality of Lumba-Bayabao.

Other infra subprojects were also about to start in support to the abaca farmers in the five Barangays of Lumbayanague. The Construction of three Warehouses with Solar Dryers and one Post Trading. These projects will be funded under the second Additional Financing (AF2) with a European Union co-financing grant.

Moreover, Hon. Mahar P. Dagalangit, Municipal Mayor of Lumba-bayabao express her gratitude to the MAFAR-PRDP for the approval of the project. “Rest assured that the MLGU has full support for the successful implementation of the project,” she said.