To ensure the continuity and sustainability of the operation of the enterprise subprojects on Goat Multiplication, Fattening, and Marketing funded under AF2 with the European Union grant, the Regional Project Coordination Office BARMM conducted a 5-day Enterprise Operation Manual (EOM) Training Workshop from November 13-17, 2023 held in Pagana Kutawato Native Restaurant, Cotabato City.

Nasrulah Dilangalen, Enterprise Development Marketing Specialist, highlighted the manual’s significance in steering the successful execution of enterprise initiatives.

“Your approved Enterprise Operation Manual (EOM) serves as your guidebook for the officers and employees during the implementation of the enterprise project,” Dilangalen stated.

The EOM workshop comprises nine chapters: Introduction, Project Background, General Information, Production or Operations, Marketing/Trading Procedures, Organization and Administration, Finance Component, Monitoring and Evaluation Component, and Sustainability Component.

Provincial Director of MAFAR-Maguindanao, Ronjamin M. Maulana, Ph.D., expressed in his message his dedication to providing technical support, particularly concerning the effective management of goat production.

“Ensuring the success of these enterprise subprojects is not just a goal; it is a shared responsibility that we undertake with the utmost commitment. With that, our commitment is to provide necessary technical assistance and guidance to ensure the project’s success,” said Director Maulana.

The workshop attended by the four Proponent Groups, including  Macasampen Goldland Farmers Marketing Cooperative, Kauran Christian Farmers Agriculture Cooperative, Midpulo Unified Agriculture Cooperative, and Datu Paglas Integrated Agricultural and Livelihood Multi-Purpose Cooperative, collectively from Maguindanao del Sur aims to increase the population of meat-type goats for chevon production, through crossbreeding and fattening.

Facilitated by the I-REAP Components in collaboration with MAFAR Agribusiness Marketing and Assistance Division, MAFAR Maguindanao Provincial Office, and MAFAR Municipal Officers of the respective Proponent Groups, the workshop demonstrated a united front in empowering local farmers and ensuring the success of the enterprise subprojects.