COTABATO CITY- The joint program on resilient livelihoods development for women and youth Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Maguindanao showcased a trade fair and 2nd Project Steering Committee Meeting held at Robinson’s Mall, Alnor Compound, on November 23, 2023.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) extended a warm welcome to all attendees that will mark the beginning of a series of engaging discussions and presentations to foster cooperation and share achievements within the development sphere.

Mr. Paul Harrington, First Secretary of Development at DFAT Australia address, provided valuable insights and perspectives on developmental initiatives, emphasizing the collaborative efforts needed for sustainable progress.

During the formal activity, a presentation highlighting the accomplishments from the previous Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting and detailing achievements as of October 2023.

The subsequent discussion and open forum, led by FAO, allowed participants to contribute their thoughts and engage in a constructive dialogue actively. This segment facilitated the exchange of diverse viewpoints, contributing to a richer understanding of the topics.

Dr. Lionel Dabadie, the Philippines FAO Representative, delivered a message shedding light on the Food and Agriculture Organization’s perspectives and initiatives.

He added depth to the discussions and reinforced the importance of international collaboration in addressing global challenges.

Moreover, MAFAR Chief of Staff Arphia T. Ebus, JD, delivered a message emphasizing the significance of collective efforts in driving positive change, and expressed gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions.

In conclusion, the meeting emerged as a successful platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and reflection. The diverse range of perspectives presented by the speakers and participants underscored the importance of unified efforts in addressing global challenges and advancing sustainable development.