DSA farmers receive solar dryer from MAFAR

MAGUINDANAO DEL SUR – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform, in collaboration with the Special Development Fund (SDF), has recently conducted a momentous turn-over ceremony for Solar Dryer in Barangay Lowe Salbu, Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao del Sur.

On July 14, the Solar Dryer project is specifically to enhance the agricultural food security of the Agricultural Cooperative in the said barangay.

This will mark a significant milestone in Maguindanao’s agricultural development, aiming to enhance the quality of agricultural produce and uplift the lives of local farmers.

This project introduced by the MAFAR was strategically designed to address the needs of farmers in Maguindanao. This also provides an efficient and safe method of drying crops, preserving their nutritional value, and extending their shelf life.

It recognizes the challenges faced by the farmers in preventing contamination of their agricultural produce from dust and insects. It also ensures improved quality and reduced post-harvest losses.

During the turn-over ceremony, it was headed by the MAFAR Chief of Staff, Arphia T. Ebus, JD, Sh.C., together with the Chief Agriculturist of MAFAR-Maguindanao, Saudi Maguindra, Mafar Municipal Officer, and other relevant individuals actively participated in the event.

This collaborative effort demonstrated a shared commitment to empowering farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture in Maguindanao.