MAFAR empowers Balindong Fishery Processors through Post-harvest Training

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform- Lanao del Sur has conducted a Fisheries Postharvest Training on Packaging and Labeling for 40 Fishery processors on July 25 to 26 at Barangay Borakis, Balindong.

This is to enhance and capacitate the Fishery Processors from the Municipality of Balindong in different Packaging strategies and develop their Marketing skills to stabilize their Fishery business.

The training also addressed fishery processors’ challenges in maintaining product quality and reducing postharvest losses. Participants were introduced to innovative techniques, including efficient storage practices and hygienic processing methods.

According to Chief Aquaculturist Al-Nizar G. Dimaporo, the said Fisheries Postharvest Training is under the funding of GAAB 2023. He also expressed his gratitude to the MAFAR-BARMM Fisheries Postharvest and Marketing Division OIC-Chief Ms. Radma Isnani and the MAFAR Municipal Office of Balindong for the assistance and for making it possible. 

Fostering a sense of empowerment and self-reliance among women fishery processors in Balindong, the said training participants were women engaged in the fishery business, including selling dried fish.  

As the program gained momentum, its success emerged as a testimonial to the transformative power of empowering women in fisheries. By investing in their capacity and amplifying their voices, the Postharvest Training initiative not only promises a brighter future for women fishery processors but also contributes to the sustainable growth of fishery communities and the overall well-being of the industry.